Tool: Drawing with Pages

Why draw with a word processor? Every artist has a tool. Some choose charcoal, some choose ink, others prefer watercolors. One day I wanted to see how far I could go with a word processor. What could I make the pen tool do? What shapes and lines where possible with a click and drag?

Imagine having a big space to fill with furniture. You place a sofa here then a table there, and so on. You can fill until there is no more room without giving it too much thought. Having restrictions increases your creativity. When you have a small space to fill, you think about what furniture is important, which pieces can be used for two purposes, which items compliment each other.

Working with restrictions will result in more effort, thinking, time, and in turn more creativity. When you have $20 left for the week, you get creative really quick!

Pages vs Illustrator: I use a mouse to click and drag my way thru lines and shapes, colors and forms. For over a decade I stopped making artwork, until one day I rediscovered a tool that would allow me to express the visions in my head. It’s a digital tool called the “pen tool” and you can find it in under the “Shapes” button in Pages for Mac. I considers it a modern chisel and I’ve spent countless hours mastering it to create my digital work.

Illustrator is like that large room or $1,000 in my bank account. The options are endless, the tools in there allow you to explore endlessly. Pages forces me to be more creative. It lets me push the tool to its limits and allows me to think different.

Each piece I finish feels like making a dragon out of caramel candy.

Watch a speed drawing of mine below:

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