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I read a tip by Alyson Stanfield the Art Biz Coach, about posting your Studio Hours. I’m going to start doing that. There are always a million excuses to not work on your art. Excuses about yourself when it comes to “art” and “artwork” and being an “artist”. Like you can’t even believe it yourself. Like your friends and loved ones might laugh at you for thinking of yourself as an artist. As Alyson writes:

You have to take yourself seriously before others will do the same.

Some are even great excuses (I want to spend time hanging out with my wonderful wife), but there must be a discipline to creating artwork that speaks to you and tells a story to your fans. Art begins in the studio and the time spent there must be sacred. This is what Alyson has to say about studios:

“Studio” means something different to everyone, and lack of a “real” studio space has never stopped artists from making art. So take over the dining room table or claim the guest room if you must. 

Posting my studio hours is a step towards taking myself serious as an artist. I’ve added the hours to my iCloud calendar and I’ll be reminded of them every day. Now it’s time to put in the work.

If you’ve never heard of Alyson Stanfield please go check out her blog: Art Biz Coach. It’s packed full of great advice on how to market your artwork. As an artist, marketing is a hard concept for me to truly grasp. Alyson makes it easy and relatable. She is a great mentor.

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