What is Storyboarding?

The phase of the film making process where broad and specific choices are made about how a film will be executed. A storyboard is a preproduction tool made up by a series of drawings with descriptions that show everything intended to happen, moment by moment in a film.

How I work:

I begin with reading the script and speaking with the director to understand the core of the film. I work out a lot of the scenes here and think about the different shots that will be in the film. Here’s a sample Storyboard treatment I created of an old Twilight Zone episode:

The Howling Man sample

I will add the first three pages of the script at the bottom of this page if you want to read thru my shot breakdown. Here’s the link to the entire script if you are interested in the entire episode: The Howling Man script.

I then start on the Shot Breakdown. This part is the most important one, I believe. These thumbnails will be the foundation of the finished storyboard. Here’s my shot breakdown of the first 3 pages of “The Howling Man”:

Shot Breakdown

Each row in the Shot Breakdown will turn into a Rough Pass in a Storyboard. Usually each Shot Breakdown sheet will turn into between 4 to 6 storyboards. Here’s the second row Rough Pass, where David approaches the wooden door of the castle:

Rough Pass

From the Rough Pass after revisions I start Polishing the Storyboard. The final treatment depends on the needs of the client.

I hope this gives you an insight into my process.

As I mentioned earlier, here’s the first three pages of the script:

The Howling Man copy The Howling Man copy 2 The Howling Man copy 3