Start. Now.

Starting something can happen immediately, it can happen now. It’s a shift in mind-set and once you make the change you can start your new life.

Think about going on a hike. You make the decision in an instant but getting there is the hardest part: waking up early, putting on the right gear, facing the quiet morning, driving to the destination, and finding the beginning of the trail – it all takes time and energy. Then once you’ve started your hike the real work begins.

Your body might want to quit 15 minutes into it, but if you continue thru the pain you’ll get rewarded with something amazing. You’ll know that not many people have taken this particular path today (what are they waiting for?). Although it can become unbearable at times when you look back you can see the long, beautiful, difficult path you’ve covered and you can be proud of yourself. Standing there sweating and exhausted you’ll discover that somehow there’s a new burst of energy that tells you:

“Great job, you did it, take a moment to enjoy it.”

and then most importantly…

“What’s next? Let’s keep going.”

Remember it all started with a vision in your mind and right then and there you made the change needed to start your journey. It takes forever to maintain the change but it only takes a nanosecond to begin. Start today. Start now.

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