Illustrating Movie Characters and Scenes

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I recently did a small batch run of 5 illustrations. The drawings where all based on movies – different characters and scenes. I was able to sell them thru my Instagram feed. I posted my first post asking for a sale on January 23rd, 2017 fast forward 2 weeks later and I’ve sold out!! It was a success!!

Here’s the story behind each drawing:

Artwork: Up – Carl & Ellie

Pixar’s movie “Up” tells a wonderful story. The first 15 minutes of that film features an entire lifetime without even using words. The sequence is so powerful; Carl & Ellie meet, fall in love, marry, dream, struggle, suffer, endure, and experience life together. It’s a story about sharing and missed opportunities. Yet, overall it’s a story of love. I drew this piece focusing on the saddest part to remind me that even at our lowest point, there is always a new beginning.

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Artwork: Batman – The Animated Series

I had not seen anything like it before in animation. There was so much darkness, so much style, so much coolness!! I love animation and when Batman – The Animated Series came along I was mesmerized. I couldn’t get enough. The storylines were top notch, the feel of the city was gritty, and the character designs where incredible. Bruce Timm’s artwork has been an influence in my own work for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to make lines and shapes as simple and dynamic as his. In this piece I focus entirely on the darkness that engulfs Batman, thinking about how a criminal in Gotham would always be in fear of having to see the white animated eyes of the Bat.

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Artwork: Pulp Fiction – Mia Wallace & Vincent Vega

The Pulp Fiction dance scene is one of my favorites from the film. Quentin Tarantino has a way with actors and convincing them to be part of his films. With John Travolta he got a two-for-one; a great actor and a great dancer. The whole scene is so unexpected when first watching the film. I still remember how surprised I was when it unfolded. I drew this piece focusing on the movement and the commitment from both actors as they try their best to win the Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Contest.

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Artwork: Harry Potter – Snape

I can’t think of another literary character that I love as much as Snape. I hated him all thru the first 3-4 books until J.K. Rowling takes us on a journey to see things from the other side. There is so much complexity to Snape. There is so much to despise in him but also so much to love within him. In this piece I focused on the hard edges that might turn you off at first while allowing the deepness of his eyes (the only soft lines in his face) invite you to get to know his story.

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Artwork: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Clint Eastwoood

I love Westerns. There is a beauty to them that is hard to describe. The stories are simple but the time spent developing a character like “The Man with No Name” in Sergio Leone’s classic epic Spaghetti Western is so special to me. Eastwood’s portrayal of a confident, subdued bounty hunter is engrossing. I drew this piece focusing on the calmness and fearlessness of the man.

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Let me know what you think? What are some of your favorite movie moments?

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