How to be Grateful

Why be grateful you ask? Gratitude is a requirement for happiness. Some people believe that it’s only when they are happy that they can be grateful. That’s all backwards. You see, you’ll never be happy without gratitude.

Gratitude is the foundation for Happiness. Once you can be grateful, you’ll be able to focus, focus will lead you to freedom, and freedom will allow you to achieve happiness (I will expand on this progression on a later post).

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates

There is this moment, this very moment, the one you are currently in as you read these words on your screen. What can you be grateful for? Think about it. What are three things that come to mind. Are you stuck? Here, did you think about these: electricity, technology, the Internet.

What about the moment after you stop reading this and go outside and you take the time to look around and observe the wonderful world around you. What will you be grateful for then? Stop. Take it all in. Think. Does gratefulness live inside you?

The next time you want to change your life (in just 6 minutes) watch this:

Take the time, put your headphones on or find a quite place. Take it in. Listen. Really listen. Truly listen. Can you hear gratitude growing inside you? If not, maybe today wasn’t the day. Try watching it again tomorrow.

“All the world flows and meets you here like a life giving water if only you open your heart and drink.” – Brother David Steindl-Rast

Start your path to gratefulness by observing the world around you. Don’t rush the moments that are given to you. The time that you get to spend with that person in front of you. How the infinite colors of nature glitter for your eyes. The way an insect goes about its task or the movements a bird makes perched on a branch as it prepares to dance in the air. Slow down.


Allow the life and beauty in this world to inspire you. Let it fuel your heart and nurture the seeds of gratitude that lay inside your being.

Enjoy each moment thoroughly and remember at the end of the day to take the time and make note of some of the special moments that where part of your day. Make a list of the people you call friends or the family you have built around you.

If by the end your day and can’t be grateful, don’t worry, just start over again tomorrow. Gratitude takes daily work and the time to reflect upon each moment that is given to you. Take a moment to be grateful.

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