Gaming: True Story

Imagine loving basketball so much that you practice everyday but you’ve never won a game. Then one day you walk into a gym. There’s a three guys shooting hoops and you walk over hoping to play with them. You’re nervous and looking down at your shoes checking your laces waiting to get picked. They choose teams and you get paired up with someone that looks very familiar for some reason. It can’t be, can it?? Michael Jordan. It’s early 1993 he’s on his way to winning his 3rd NBA Championship in a row.

One of the best in the game, someone you wouldn’t ever think of playing with or even talking to. He says don’t worry kid we can do this. What an experience, what a feeling. Playing side by side with a master of the game. You’ve watched his games, you know how amazing he is. He’s there with you carrying you when you struggle. Checking in, making sure to step up and sink in a few when you two are down a couple baskets. The score becomes tight, then overwhelming. Then a comeback. Then it finally happens, your first ever win!! While being teamed up with a true legend. Sure he did all the heavy lifting but it was still an incredible experience you will never forget.

Can this happen in real life? It’s 2018 the game is called Fortnite. Think of Hunger Games, 100 players start and only the top squad wins. There’s a storm that kills you if you don’t run away from it. It’s all online and in front of your computer but the experience of using your skills and practice to overcome the odds and win is the same. Some people will never understand gaming. It is a sport. It is special. It takes skill. The pros can do moves that casual gamers only dream of.

Here’s a video of one of the best in the game: Dakotaz. He squads up with a random new player. The new player starts freaking out because he recognized the voice from YouTube. Then thru the magic of the internet we get to watch as a Pro plays alongside a noob and helps him along the way. Check it out:


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