Failing In Front of People

So I have this fear that I start drawing then everyone is looking at me work and then I screw up and people laugh because they thought I was gonna draw something good and I ended up making a lousy drawing.

A couple of weeks ago I had this brilliant plan, where I asked people to send me their picture. I was going to do a quick sketch on my iPad. Like those at Disneyland, a fun caricature but in my style and digital!! Something quick and wonderful. I was going to record a timelapse and send that to the people that submitted their picture. That way I wouldn’t fail in front of people, see how genius I am?!

I was then gonna ask how much they would pay for something so awesome. Well…

It took me 4 hours to get something I was okay with showing. And that was only the first drawing. I had 8 submissions. Man, what a hole I had dug myself into. There’s no way this business idea of mine was gonna work. My digital caricatures were taking too long and I wasn’t even happy with my results.

For those of you who submitted a drawing. So sorry. I’m not gonna be able to make the sketch. I have strengths and weaknesses and making quick caricatures that someone would pay for is something I’m just not good at. At the moment. Maybe with enough practice, I will try again.

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