Begin your True Life

How do you fit all the things into your day? Well most of us just let the day happen. See where the wind blows. Find out where the path takes us. We live a passive life.

Or maybe you schedule that one big thing for the day; a doctors visit, a concert, a weekend adventure. That’s it, time to take a break, you did that one big task. But what about the other 20 hours of the day? We must take the initiative. The key to living a true life is: your calendar. You didn’t expect that did you?

How many times have you said, “I don’t have time”. Or “I haven’t had time to do that”. Or “I’ll add it to my list.”

Prioritize. We never get time to do everything, we have to make time. We make time with a calendar. What ever makes it on the calendar is priority, we have time for that item. If it’s not on the calendar then it really doesn’t matter. If you think it should matter then take something out of the calendar. Your calendar will become your guide to life.

Ask yourself what you want most, what does your heart call you to do, then schedule it. Really truly ask yourself. Discover what makes you flow.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates

Do you want to learn how to code? Open up your calendar and schedule in an hour. Do you want to get better at drawing? Put it in your calendar. Do you want to start exercising? What are you waiting for – schedule it.

Maybe you haven’t discovered a calling? Schedule in discovery time!!

Here’s one of the most important items that most of us will miss: Sleep. I’ll just go to bed when I’m tired you say. I can stay up 1 more hour, just one more episode on Netflix. Take a lesson from your iPhone. My little nice told her mom, “I have to plug it in, my phone is going to die.” Even at 2 years old she knew a dying iPhone is no good.


It’s funny that we take care of your devices more than we do ourselves. There are countless studies on the benefits of sleep. Sleep must be a priority. It must be scheduled first.

Here’s what James b. Maas, PhD, author of Power Sleep has to say:

“Treating sleep as a necessity rather than a luxury is the secret to being a peak performer. When you don’t get proper sleep, you experience daytime drowsiness, increased stress, feelings of lethargy, mood shifts, weight gain, reduced immunity to disease and viral infection, and lowered productivity, concentration, and memory.”

Remember you cannot makeup for loss sleep, it’s like charging your phone past 100%. It doesn’t help.

There’s a great story out there about the Philosophy Professor with a Jar. Here’s the video:

The point is that if you let the little stuff fill up your life there won’t be time for any of the important stuff. In order for your life to truly begin you have to put the important stuff first.


Let the schedule control your life and remember that only you can control the schedule. Put the big things in first. Let the little unimportant things filter in after the important items. Never start with the little things, the jar of life won’t let you fit in the big things (the things that truly matter) if you do that.

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