Are you Superman?

Who is Superman? Is he Clark Kent or is he Superman?

Watch this clip:

I love this clip, I remember watching the original Superman when I was a kid. I remember being filled with wonder and wishing that I could fly. I remember thinking why can’t Superman tell everyone who he really is, why must he even become Clark Kent?

Isn’t life about stories: the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we tell people.

What story does Clark Kent tell himself when he reaches for his glasses and pulls them away from this face… at that moment everything changes!! He seems to grow 3 inches, his voice changes, his face displays confidence, he has transformed into… Superman!! Then just as soon as it started he morphs back into Clark.

When he walked into the room the story he told himself was, “I’m Clark Kent”, then in an instant as he reached for his glasses and told a different story to himself, “I am Superman.”

He’s put in the work and built up the skills. Don’t you remember he didn’t quite fit in, his father told him he had to learn to control his power, he had to learn how to use it for good. He had to learn how to be a mild mannered reporter. He mastered both stories and can choose to tell whichever one he wants at anytime.

Have you built the skill set needed to tell a new story? If you have, then all it takes now is to start telling it. The world is waiting to hear it.

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